Sara Martín, Lourdes Oyarbide, Alejandro Valverde & Enric Mas take part in a 1.000 trees plantation act

Eusebio Unzué underlined the compromise of Movistar team with the ecology and the environmental improvement

The Movistar team general manager, and a representation of the women’s and men’s teams with Sara Martín, Lourdes Oyarbide, Alejandro Valverde and Enric Mas attended the first day of the 1.000 trees plantation in the municipality of Sangüesa. The iniciative was promoted by this townhall with the Navarra government, Volvo as one of the Movistar team partners, Forestmatic and Life Terra.

Sara Martín
Lourdes Oyarbide
Eusebio Unzué
Sara Martín, Lourdes Oyarbide and Eusebio Unzué during the tree plantation.

The team started a campaing actioning the signed jerseys of both, women and men squad members, who rode in the last Paris-Roubaix, obtaining 9.000€ for this initiative.

Enric Mas
Alejandro Valverde
Sara Martín
Lourdes Oyarbide
Enric Mas, Alejandro Valverde, Sara Martín and Lourdes Oyarbide smiling during the Unzue´s speech.

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