Another Lucinda Brand’s display of power last weekend in Merksplas

Eli Iserbyt keeps on leading the men’s results of the season, only followed this time by Quinten Hermans and his teammate Laurens Sweeck

The CX champion of the world Lucinda Brand (Baloise Trek Lions), gave another lessons last saturday in the Merksplas belgian appointment, dominating the race from the beginning till the finish line, where she got 19 seconds over Annemarie Worst (777), and 21 over Denise Betsema (Pauwels Sauzen Bingoal). Only the british Anna Kay and the french Perrine Clauzel made a hole for them at the end of the dutch-roller top ten completed by Yara Kastelijn, Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado, Manon Bakker, Inge Van Der Heijden and Aniek Van Alphen.

Lucinda Brand
Lucinda Brand celebrating her victory in Merksplas.
Full women’s Merksplas CX race.

Crushing belgian superiority at the men’s race

One more time the belgian riders took the top ten excepting the dutch meddlings of Corné Van Kessel (Tormans) and the current Europe champion Lars Van der Haar (Baloise Trek Lions). Eli Iserbyt (Pauwels Sauzen Bingoal) was one more time the strongest rider in Merksplas croshing the finish line 2 seconds before Quinten Hermans (Tormans) and 5 before Laurens Sweeck.

Quinten Hermans
Eli Iserbyt
Laurens Sweeck
HERMANS Quinten (BEL) of TORMANS CYCLO CROSS TEAM; ISERBYT Eli (BEL) of PAUWELS SAUZEN BINGOAL and SWEECK Laurens (BEL) pictured during the podium ceremony after the 4th leg of the men elite 2021 – 2022 Telenet Superprestige cyclocross race the Aardbeiencross on November 20, 2021 in Merksplas, Belgium, (Nico Vereecken/Photo News)
Quentin Hermans
Quentin Hermans (Tormans) leaded the race in a few moments closely watched by the final winner Eli Iserbyt. (Photonews)

The spanish champion Felipe Orts (Burgos BH) was 15th so he won one more UCI overall point. Down his perspective the race was “very fast and I liked it a lot. I came out pretty badly because I got hooked on going back, but I was in a small group that was fighting up to 12th or 13th place. We were tearing off, once the one in front of me fell on the boards and I fell too. Then I fell again when I caught the group. The feelings are good but could have been a little better“.

Issac Del Toro was the best of the five mexicans of the AR Monex team achieving the 40th position. Thanks to this team’s initiative, the world of cyclo cross is expanding its borders and the international representatives in the classic Europe races this season.

Felipe Orts
Felipe Orts in the starting line of Merksplas. (Zoribur).
Full men’s Merksplas CX race.

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