Canyon SRAM receives 239 candidatures from 62 countries to be part of its development team

Canyon SRAM Generation will be its official name at the UCI Women´s Continental Teams.

The rising of women’s cycling is unestoppable, and as a new proof of this sentence we have known the numbers of the candidatures to be part of the new Canyon SRAM development team: 239 women from 62 countries want to ride with the new german squad next season.

Mikayla Harvey
Alena Amialisuik
Tiffany Cromwell
Elise Chabbey
Mikayla Harvey, Alena Amialisuik, Tiffany Cromwell and Elise Chabbey with a team soigneur after the GP Plouay 2021

Team Manager Ronny Lauke has declared: “I had no expectation really on a specific number of applications but I was very curious to see how many athletes were interested to become part of this team. The number indicates there is a high demand, and it shows there are many athletes all over the world that don’t get the opportunity to show their willpower and talent.

The team is making the selection cause only 8 of the candidates will be the first riders of Canyon SRAM Generation: “We’re currently doing all of the administration and organisation work, and are in contact with the German national federation to complete the registration, and to bring the team successfully onto the road for 2022. The aim is to have both our Women’s World Tour team and Women’s Continental Team together for our first training camp in January,” says Lauke.

The Generation’s Diversity and Inclusion expert of the team, Christine Kalkschmid was also excited with the number of applications: “We expected quite some applications as the possibility to join CANYON//SRAM Generation was a unique opportunity, but we were overwhelmed by the number of applications. Not only by the sheer number but also the fact that we had applications from so many different nations, from all continents, through a wide variety of ages, and from all different backgrounds. It was a pleasure to see that many applicants have put a lot of time and energy into their application and have elaborated on their own personal values and goals and their standpoint on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion and how that can be of benefit for the team.”

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