Laurane Meyers and Samuel Leroux winners at the second MTB beach french national championship

Both of them keep their tittles on this disciplines held in 2019 for the first time

Laurane Meyers (EC Hermelinghem) and Samuel Leroux (Xelliss Roubaix Lille Métropole) renewed last weekend their french MTB Beach championships winnig at the races held in Berck Sur Mer.

Laurane Meyers
Ludivine Firmin
Lisa Bernacki
Podium of the women’s MTB Beach french national championship with Laurane Meyers, Ludivine Firmin and Lisa Bernacki. FFC

Samuel Leroux was the first at the men’s race in wich Nicolas Miccoli (Olympique Grande-Synthe) and Lucas Deveaux (VTT Ornans) won the silver and bronze medal respectively.

This hard discipline, with the thicker wheels and origin in Netherlands has still a long way to expand and being more popular, cause there are only a few races in the official UCI calendar. Next 12th of december the european championship will be held in Dunkerque.

Samuel Leroux
Laurane Meyers
Samuel Leroux and Laurane Meyers with their brand new gold medals. FFC

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