Deceuninck signs with Alpecin Fenix to “participate in women’s cycling”

The brand leaves the ‘Wolf Pack’ team after three years and the controversial statements of its general manager

The belgian PVC windows and door company Deceuninck has change its sponsorship cause the brand was interested in supporting women’s cycling too, and that’s would be something impossible with the sexist mentality shown by the current Wolf Pack’s general manager. So Deceuninck has joined Alpecin Fenix, and will support the MTB and the cyclo cross team with Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado and Puck Pieterse in addition to the proffesional road team lead by Mathew Van Der Poel and the women’s elite team Plantur Pura.

Mathieu Van Der Poel
Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado
Puck Pieterse
Gianni Vermeersch
Tim Merlier
Mathieu Van Der Poel, Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado, Puck Pieterse, Gianni Vermeersch and Tim Merlier welcoming the new sponsor.

Supporting the women’s cycling sport and female athletes to further develop their professional careers perfectly fits with the Deceuninck core values of diversity and gender equality. Supporting both young talent and enforce female cycling are two values which we both hold in very high esteem“, says the Deceuninck CEO Francis Van Eeckhout.

By his side, the Alpecin Fenix representative Philip Roodhooft: “We have known an explosive growth over the past few years but we’re far from being at the end of this journey. Getting Deceuninck on board, alongside our current partners, will give us the means to confirm our current level and, at the same time, further develop and materialize our future ambitions. As a belgian multinational they understand our continuous pursuit of perfection and ambition. So, I’m sure that this sponsor match we will excel together“.

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