Francesca Barale awarded with the Tuttobici Oscar to the best U-23 rider of the year

The inminent DSM new cyclist attended the training course for neoprofessionals organized in Milan by Italian Olympic Committee (CONI)

The VO2 Team Pink cyclist Francesca Barale has received her second recognition winning the Tuttobici Oscar, after being awarded by the media BicitTV also as the young female italian rider of the year.

Francesca Barale
Veronica Squinzi
Francesca Barale receiving her award from Veronica Squinzi (Mapei representative)

The Italian Olympic Committee organized last week a course for its neo professional riders next year and there were Francesca Barale with Letizia Borghesi, as both will ride next year with DSM and EF Education Tibco Silicon Valley Bank respectively.

Filippo Ridolfo 
Edoardo Zambanini 
Gabriele Benedetti
Alessandro Sanataromita
Alessandra Cappellotto
Cristian Salvato
Manuele Tarozzi 
Filippo Baroncini
Alessio Martinelli
Letizia Borghesi
Francesca Barale 
Martin Marcellusi
Omar El Gouzi 
Luca Colnaghi
Alex Tolio
Alessandro Verre
Luca Rastelli
Alessio Nieri
Above from left to right Filippo Ridolfo, Edoardo Zambanini, Gabriele Benedetti, Alessandro Sanataromita, Alessandra Cappellotto, Cristian Salvato, Manuele Tarozzi, Filippo Baroncini, Alessio Martinelli, Letizia Borghesi and Francesca Barale.
Below from left to right Martin Marcellusi, Omar El Gouzi, Luca Colnaghi, Alex Tolio, Alessandro Verre, Luca Rastelli and Alessio Nieri.

The course was imparted by Daniele Bennati, Roberto Amadio and Paolo Sangalli from the FCI, Kevin Dessimoz (International Testing Agency) , Wallis Delattre (UCI), Cristian Salvato and Alessandra Cappellotto from the ACCPI, Stefano Piccolo from pro cycling LEGA, the doctors Gianluca Masi and Andrea Crociani, the president of the italian commisaires Gianluca Crocetti, Josè Luiz Dantas and Fabrizio Forzini from the Federal Technique School, the Cofidis team manager Roberto Damiani and the journalist Andrea De Luca, addressed all the areas that these young riders must know when stepping up to the World Tour or Professional teams, wich gives an idea of the relevance of cycling in Italy (not too many federations do something similar).

The conferences were attended online by Erica Magnaldi, Barbara Malcotti, Katia Ragusa, Rachele Barbieri and Vittoria Guazzini too, so that’s why there are only two girls in the picture.

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