Veris Racing Team changes to ‘Cycling Development Foundation’ for next season

The australian elite squads thanks Veris after five years of support

The aussie squad directed by Brad Hall has announced that for next year the roster will be “the youngest team based on average age: The bulk of our riders are Under 23, with several Under 19 athletes also registered to the team for next year”.  

Nicole Mitsigeorgis
Nicole Mitsigeorgis giving it all during a time trial test. IG Anthony Bogga93

Hall has explained in a newsletter that “we have still retained several senior riders into the coming year and have a great balance of youth and experience in our smaller squad sizes. Both squads (men and women) have approximately 10 riders contracted to each“, and between the upcoming tagets of the teams points out to the “National Championships in Victoria & Tour Down Under in January, before the Tour of Gippsland and Melbourne to Warrnambool in February, making 2022 a busy start to the season“.

Cycling Developpment Foundation
“Opportunity Participation Equity”, such a good Cycling Development Foundation motto

I’m confident that nationals will be a good showing with several of the riders transitioning to their first year in higher age categories for racing, like under 19 and under 23 tiers. Herein I believe we have several good medal opportunities across the events, which is the first time we have been in this position with multiple riders in contention. Again, this year is a huge developmental curve for the bulk of our riders, who have been selected based on physical aptitude (power and duration variables; and training metrics), young age (focusing on U19-U23 levels), rather than racing results alone. To this end we are eager to invest in their development through coaching and training in order to yield their best opportunities for success further afield, be that at a National level or in Europe come June 2022“, concludes Brad Hall.

In addition Cycling Development Foundation takes on a masters team and the Laverton Cycling Project, that has developed into a whole-community project, encompassing indigenous, youth and community programs. The first of its kind in remote Western Australian communities, its programs focus on teaching the benefits of cycling as a form of transport, exercise, health improvement, freedom/autonomy, and sport.


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