Pieter Vanspeybrouck leaves the bike for the car at Intermarché Wanty Gobert

The belgian team adds to the staff its 2021 collaborators Jana Camphens and Ioannis Tamouridis

After 14 years as a professional rider and the last five in the team, Pieter Vanspeybrouck has leave the bike to drive a car and becomes team manager of Intermarché Wanty Gobert Matériaux, followin the steps of Frederik Veuchelen 4 years ago. They will share the team management work also with Hilaire Van Der Schueren, Jean Marc Rossignon and the ex riders Steven De Neef, Valerio Piva Bart Wellens and the last addition to the staff, Ioannis Tamouridis, under the direction of Aike Visbeek and Jean François Bourlart.

Ioannis Tamouridis and the dietitian Jana Camphens

For its second year at the Worl Tour category, the team has reinforced its structure adding the greek ex rider Ioannis Tamouridis to the team management after his work at the Cypriot national team and the SEG Racing Academy. The dietitian Jana Camphens who teams up with nutritionist Adam Plucinski, has worked with high-level athletes at the Centre for Sports Medecine of UZ Ghent, the Bakala Academy and EnergyLab. Together, Jana Camphens and Adam Plucinski establish individual nutrition strategies for all riders, aligned with the goals and race calendar which are defined by the performance team. The riders of Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert already took advantage of this expertise in 2021 and a more narrow collaboration has been set up in the approach of next season.

Adam Plucinski
Jana Camphens
Adam Plucinski and Jana Camphens at work.

Jana Camphens has declared that “it’s a pleasure to be a part of this growing project. The riders are developing an in-depth knowledge of sports nutrition after going through the basics last year. We can definitely say that our work bore fruit as several riders performed better thanks to the adaptation of their eating patterns. Furthermore, we saw a better digestion of the drinks and energetic products thanks to our collaboration with our hydration partner Maurten, without forgetting our long relationship with our nutrition partner 3Action. The focus on nutrition is progressively intensified, so all riders henceforth receive an individual guidance. This means that Adam and I follow all of them from nearby and dovetail their eating patterns and the strategy of the performance team. Furthermore, we individualize the race nutrition strategies and test new recipes with the chefs and paramedical staff. The eagerness to learn and great enthusiasm of the riders and staff learned me that it will be an interesting season“.  

Andrea Pasqualon
Ioanni Tamouiridis
Andrea Pasqualon and Ioannis Tamouridis hearing instructions last year.

By his side, the bran new trainer Ioaanuis Tamouridis has expressed that he’s “pleased with the confidence of the performance team after a first collaboration last year, during which I contributed to the preparation of the altitude training camps and coached four riders. I experience the opportunity to train all riders of the World Team on a full time basis as a great compliment and I especially want to thank Aike Visbeek for relying on me for building his projects since we first worked together within the SEG Racing Academy. Striving for success with Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert’s line up is the perfect outlet for my ambition after my active career as a rider. It is probably thanks to our similar vision about training that Frederik Veuchelen and I are working well together from day one within Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert. We combine our expertise and both follow the scientific development of training methods thanks to the support of the Centre for Sports Medicine of UZ Ghent in order to make the best decisions for our riders. In addition, the great atmosphere between staff and riders makes it unique to work in this environment“.

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