Mathieu Van Der Poel temporary off biking due to an invertebral disc swelling

Next consultation will clarify whether the dutch CX champion of the world may resume training

Mathieu Van Der Poel
Mathieu Van Der Poel in a recent promotional picture.

After his second position at the Dendermonde cyclo cross World Cup race last December 26th, where was beaten by the unestoppable Wout Van Aert by an inusual difference -probably talking about the two best riders of the world in the discipline- and quiting the next day at the Heusden Zolder race, Mathieu Van Der Poel alleged a back pain, that could be a bit more serious than we all want to.

Medical examinations revealed a swelling on an intervertebral disc, which means Van Der Poel has to temporarily put the bike aside. “It’s unclear at this moment when the Alpecin-Fenix ​​rider will resume training and competition. A next consultation will clarify whether Van der Poel may resume training at that time. Depending on that advice, his program will be adjusted accordingly“, says the team in a press release.

The sports director of the team Christoph Roodhooft, has calmed us saying that “obviously this is a setback, but there is no reason for panic. The doctors guarantee us a full recovery and that is a priority at the moment. Even if that would lead to adjusting the ambitions for the cyclo-cross World Championships. In the short term, that would be a shame, but 2022 offers a lot of sporting challenges for which physical readiness is a first condition.”

The cyclist by his side has recognized that “it’s frustrating, but it is what it is. The problem has been there for some time, and I am somewhat relieved that there is an identifiable cause that can be remedied with extra rest and treatment. Everyone knows that the World Championships in the United States is the first big goal of 2022, but it is certainly not the only or the last one. I want to fully recover first, without time pressure so that I can use my full possibilities. I will therefore only resume competition when I’m completely ready. If I make it to the World Championships, that’s all the better. If it’s not the case, I’ll be looking forward to the spring season on the road”.

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