The french alpine snow bike national championship will be the first official MTB race of the year

Pra Loup ski resort will harbor the competition next January 8th & 9th

Inspired by alpine skiing (Super-G and Downhill), founded by the world MTB champion and snow speed specialist Eric Barone, this first French Alpine Snow Bike Super DH Championship highlights competitors from a new genre that will compete against each other on an individual start or in waves of two to set the best time in mountain biking on a ski slope. It’s sounds really interesting and funny to wacht and practise.

Alpine snow bike
That crazy and funny discipline could become olympic in a few years.

Approved in 2018 by the UCI, the alpine snow bike aspires to great prospects and intends to integrate the Olympic Games in 10 to 15 years. Surely it could be dangerous too but it’s not the same falling over snow than over asphalt or rocks.

Those who practice mountain biking or skiing are in part the target of this new discipline of cycling on snow. With the arrival of the electric bikes, a new clientele is emerging around mountain bike tours inspired by nordic skiing.A short technical training is however necessary to feel the reactions of the bike and to discover the grip on snow in turns or during braking.

Alpine snow bike
Alpine snow biking scene.

At each start, participants will have the choice to set off alone or in waves of two on the same route. In waves of two, it’s more fun because the competitors compete against each other on the ski slope 2,5 to 3,5 km long and 400 to 600m vertical drop. After a first round, the worst time starts first and the best last for the second round. At the end of the 2 timed heats, the best time is retained for the scratch classification and the podium.

The competition is open to everyone, but only license holders of the French Cycling Federation will be able to claim the ultimate title. A new discipline implies a flexibility of the rules, for that there will be therefore no category apart from a Men’s / Women’s ranking identifying the first champions of the discipline, who will receive an official French Cycling Federation Champion jersey. France is a world power in MTB Downhill so it would be great checking out what cyclists as Loris Vergier, Myriam Nicole, Loic Bruni or Marine Cabirou could do in this spectacular competition, but any other mortal beeing can register at

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