Lucía González & Felipe Orts get their 4th national CX championship titles

It’s the 3rd in a row for Lucía and the 4th for Orts confirming they’are the reference in spanish cyclocross

Felipe Orts and Lucía González have established themselves for several seasons as the two great spanish cyclocross references and in Xátiva they once again demonstrated why. Both exhibited a remarkable superiority that has left their main rivals without options to forcefully revalidate their respective national titles. The Les Pereres Municipal Poliesportiu circuit, to which a large number of people traveled in a windy day, experienced a beautiful cyclocross race in which the spanish present and future of the discipline provided a great show.

Lucía Gómez
Lucía González
Marta Beti
Felipe Orts
From left the winners at the U23 category Lucía Gómez, Lucía González, the junior champion Marta Beti and Felipe Orts.

Lucía González imposed her cadence from the start to revalidate the national title. The Nesta MMR rider made a difference in the first laps over her pursuers, which was increased little by little till the end o the race. The champion declared beeing “happy with the victory and how the race went. I have taken advantage from the first lap and that has allowed me not to take risks in the difficult areas and to complete a clean race following my pace. After Christmas we had to show that we still had a good pedal stroke. It was a fast race, the circuit favored me and I think it shows that I am in good shape in January, which is a month with many tagets for me”.

The Aída Nuño’s farewell to professional cycling

A small incident in the initial lap left Aida Nuño, what forced her to complete a beautiful comeback, surpassing important cyclists such as Alba Teruel, Lucía Gómez, Sara Bonillo, Sara Cueto or Sofía Rodríguez, to hang up the bicycle with the beautiful prize of a silver medal. The seven-time spanish champion finished in second place just over a minute behind Lucía González and commented on her last day as a professional that “it was a very exciting day. I have managed to stay focused on the race, trying not to think that it was my last championship, but in the end it was inevitable. It was important to start well, I had a little mishap and I have already gone a bit backward, but I managed to come back and get second position, which was the best I could aspire to today. On the last lap I really enjoyed the crowd, who said very nice things to me, and I feel very grateful, from the heart, to all the cyclo-cross people for everything they have given me. It’s lucky to be able to finish my career like this”.

Aída Nuño
Lucía González
Sofía Rodríguez
Podium of the spanish women’s CX national championship with Aída Nuño, Lucía González and Sofía Rodríguez (from left).

Felipe Orts and Kevin Suárez hoard gold and silver

The Burgos-BH rider had a good start and from the first meters he imposed his pace in order to open a gap that would allow him not to risk in the most technical areas of the Valencian track. The first two positions have quickly been consolidated, with Orts and Kevin Suárez in second place, while the fight for the bronze medal remained open. A mishap in the initial section of the first round forced Ismael Esteban to go back from far behind, while Mario Junquera, Tomás Misser, Iván Feijoo and Adrián Aranda presented their candidacy for bronze. The Cantabrian cyclist has managed to reach the podium positions after the halfway point of the race; at that time, neither Junquera nor Misser, who have been penalized for falls, no longer had options.

Kevin Suárez
Felipe Orts
Iván Feijoo
Podium of the spanish men’s CX national championship with Kevin Suárez, Felipe Orts and Iván Feijoo (from left).

Iván Feijoo, who was very solid in his pace that allowed him to leave Aranda behind and, once Ismael Esteban has suffered a puncture, managed to ascend to third place to seal a perfect debut.

The champion Felipe Orts said that “I have just completed a very good Christmas and the season is being fine in general. The Spanish Championship is always a very important and complicated event. The race went very well for me, I had good feelings, without any failure, so I finished very happy. Now I have to rest a bit, take some breath and start thinking about the World Cup, where after the good results obtained in recent weeks I can make a good position”.

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