Tatiana Guderzo will ride again for Top Girls Fassa Bortolo

The italian legend is back to her first team 16 years after

Top Girls Fassa Bortolo team made yesterday this surprising announcement when the 2022 roster was supposed to be done: “La Guderzo”, as they lovingly call her, is back to her first team after 16 years, 7 teams, 15 victories, five italian time trial championships, a road world championship and as the current Italian road vice champion. She will bring the necessary experience for a young group like the one built by the Top Girls management in the past months.

Tatiana Guderzo is back to Top Girls Fassa Bortolo’s home.

The team manager, Lucio Rigato, has declared that “the return of Tatiana is a source of great pride for us, and we are more than happy to welcome her back into our group. There has always been great esteem and respect between us and Tatiana and therefore when we faced the possibility of having her with us again, we did not hesitate to take the opportunity. What Tatiana has done in her career is there for everyone to see and we think that her experience and her charisma can be fundamental in the growth of the group we have put together for this season “.

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