Tormans riders get 4 CX national championships and 7 medals

Marie Schreiber and Zoe Bäcksted are the bet on the future of the belgian squad

Marie Chreiber
Marie Schreiber winning at the U23 luxembourgish national championships

16 cyclocross national championships were held last weekend in europe, and Tormans is probably the happiest team after earning four national titles and other three medals, in a week that began with more hits for them in Gullegem: there the team got three podium positions with Zoe Bäscksted, Quinten Hermans and Joran Wyseure.

Zoe Bäcksted
Shirin Van Anrooij
Maghalie Rochette
From left Zoe Bäcksted, a promise coming true in Tormans, Shirin Van Anrooij and Maghalie Rochette at the Gullegem’s podium.
Jon Wysure
Tom Pidcock
Quinten Hermans
From left: Joran Wyseure, Tom Picock and Quinten Hermans at the Gullegem’s podium.

The conquest of Switzerland and UK

The Tormans festival following the Marie Schreiber victory at the women’s luxemborgish U23 national championships, were the triumphs of the new EF Education Nippo Development rider Kevin Kuhn in Switzerland and Thomas Mein in UK, while at home in Belgium, Quinten Hermans got the bronze medal doing a podium position for the first time at the national championships and Emiel Vestrynge won at the U23 category with the help of Joran Wyseure, who acceded to the podium too. At the same time in the Netherlands Corné Van Kessel obtained the silver medal.

Lars Forster
Kevin Kuhn
From left Lars Forster, Kevin Kuhn and Timon Rüegg at the swiss CX national championship podium.
Cameron Mason
Thomas Mein
Joseph Blackmore
From left Cameron Mason, Thomas Mein and Joe Blackmore at the bristish CX national championship podium.
Laurens Sweeck
Wout Van Aert
Quinten Hermans
From Left Laurens Sweeck, Wout Van Aert and Quinten Hermans at the belgian CX national championship podium.
Corné Van Kessel 
Lars Van Der Haar
Mees Hendrikx
From left Corné Van Kessel and son, Lars Van Der Haar and Mees Hendrikx at the dutch CX national championship podium.

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