New year, new name and new jersey for Human Powered Health (former Rally)

Kaia Schmid and Gavin Mannion were the models chosen by the team to present its 2022 look.

This is the new jersey of the northamerican team for its 16th season on the road. The Human Powered Health women and men teams are nowadays enjoying a training camp in Portugal, the first country to see its brand new lycra.

Kaia Schmid
Gavin Mannion
Kaia Schmid and Gavin Mannion with their brand new 2022 working outfit.
Only the Andy Schleck design was forced by UCI to be changed. We hope that at least the helmets are different.

The design and colors are similar to the SD Worx and UAE team Emirates women’s teams, and it was so similar to the Andy Schleck Cycle CP NVST Immo Losch one, but UCI forced this last team, the weakest and the only one keeping its 2021 colors, to change it in a black format, even knowing that the three first teams will coincide much more at the races than the luxembourguish Continental category squad sponsored by Schleck.

Anyway, they’re all beautiful and the only problem is gonna be the distinction of the riders, not only by the public but specially for live commentators.

At the end the Andy Schleck team knew how to appreciate the positive point of view of its change to black writing in social media that “we’re proud and thankful to all sponsors who gave our team an extra financial injection and we are proud to see our team comes out stronger out of this situation. We’re happy with the outcome, because our sponsors would lose their visibilty having the same outfit as 3 other teams“.

Another team, Bizkaia Durango, was forced by UCI to change its new jersey too, this time due to the coincidence of colors with the own UCI Women’s World Tour leader. The basque squad were using the pink color for its design since 2016.

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