Tiffany Cromwell will be part of Canyon SRAM till 2023

“I am striving to not only be a strong and supportive teammate but also get results for the team”

The australian has signed a contract to continue in the team two more years, being one of the two remaining riders who started with Canyon SRAM in its inaugural year in 2016. After six years in the german squad, Tiffany Cromwell has accepted a two more sesons : “We’re a weird kind of multi-nationality family that has a special bond. It’s a team where I feel comfortable to be myself and a team I’ve grown with as a person,” describes Cromwell who points to several reasons why she has continued at the team.

Tiffany Cromwell
Tiffany Cromwell

Cromwell is giving a modesty lesson working now for their team mates and leaders and declaring that : “My personal results sheet doesn’t paint the whole picture. No podiums or victories on the road and only a couple of top 10’s. But I was happy to be back racing at the front of many of the hardest races, often being the last support rider for our leader”, adding that “there are many positives I can take away from my 2021 season. I performed strongly in many races, was a teammate that could be relied upon consistently, regained my climbing strength, and finally achieved a career goal of competing at the Olympics for Australia. My season’s been extremely satisfying,”.

This new linking contract with the german squad includes the calendar of gravel racing for the aussie cyclist: “There were a few occasions where I was given a leader’s role and that gave me a lot of confidence. I am striving to not only be a strong and supportive teammate but also get results for the team. It’s taken a long time, but I now have a good balance in life. I have more stability and a better headspace. Adding in some gravel racing created more fun, but importantly it added to my performances in road races. Despite only ending up doing a handful of gravel races, I enjoyed it. They were physically tough but mentally rewarding, and it was a nice bonus to get a podium in one of the gravel races too.”

“I still like the idea of having a gravel program combined with my road program. I have a number of goals on the road and want to be racing the biggest races, but at the same time gravel is a good discipline to help build additional strength for the road. With a world series and world championships for gravel to be introduced, it’s only going to get bigger. After having a taste of gravel this year I now have a better idea what gravel races will work well with my road schedule”, explains Cromwell over this matter.

 “I enjoy being able to share my knowledge and experience with the team, especially the younger riders. To guide and help them avoid making some of the same mistakes I did as a younger rider.”

About the creation of the new continental team Canyon SRAM Development, Cromwell opines that “the team has tackled its D&I program head-on. After the first few sessions of training, I think many of us realised we have a lot to learn about the current issues facing the world. From things like learning about more inclusive language to learning more about each team member and how to use our different personalities and skills to work better together. Creating a development Conti team is huge for women’s cycling. There is such a large jump from juniors to the elite and World Tour ranks, and this will help. But even more so, the team believes it will help riders who have far more challenging pathways to try and enter the world of professional cycling. Riders from smaller or non-dominant cycling nations and riders from countries that have no pathway to get to Europe to race will have now an opportunity to race over here. I love that the team is helping create these new pathways and I hope other teams follow too.”

Tiffany Cromwell

“My road targets will start with the spring classics. After my first attempt at Paris-Roubaix Femmes, I would like another crack. I may not necessarily have the brut power for it, but I do have the skill set for it. Like everyone, after seeing the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift route announcement, I would love to be racing there with the team”.

Asked if she would continue her career beyond 2023, Cromwell said to end that she keeps changing her mind on that decision: “I haven’t decided 100% yet. Women’s cycling is in such an exciting place right now, it’s growing rapidly and there are so many new opportunities within the sport. Initially, I had plans to stop at the end of 2022 with the world championships in Australia. But then the team offered me a contract until the end of 2023. Part of me thinks if I go that far I could aim for the 2024 Paris Olympics. At the end of the day, as long as I’m still enjoying the sport and a team wants me then I’ll keep doing it. The moment I stop enjoying is the moment to stop. Now, I feel strong, I enjoy my work and I am passionate about getting results. So let’s see,” adds Cromwell.

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