La Leyenda De Tartessos stage race brings together the spanish MTB elite

Natalia Fischer or Rocío Del Alba García will take part on this new UCI Marathon race next February 3rd to 6th

Everything’s ready for the start of La Leyenda de Tartessos (Tartessos Legend), a four days stage race through the Andalusian province of Huelva organized by the two times Andalucía Bike Race winner and Andalucía MTB team’s coach, Javier Macías.

La Leyenda De Tartessos offers four days of MTB competition at the idyllic Huelva’s scenery.

The race will have its base camp in El Rompido beach and will elapse through the sand and stone of the coast and the pine forest trails inside the province, ending with a time trial that promises thrills till the last moment.

More than 350 riders has signed up to take part on this first UCI Leyenda De Tartessos race, and we can see great names in the list, specially some of them linked to the spanish MTB elite as the stars Natalia Fischer or Rocío Del Alba García, who will find Saleta Castro, Belén Báñez, María Díaz, Luisa Cuenco, Celina Carpinteiro, Rocío Espada, María Isabel Felipe or Marta Álvarez as hard competitors for the final victory.

Belén Báñez
Belén Báñez
Saleta Castro
The ironwoman Saleta Castro
Marta Álvarez
The ultratrailist Marta Álvarez

The men’s category will count on the presence of legends of the 90’s as Abraham Olano or Manuel Beltrán, while the couple formed by Carlos Coloma and Valentí Sanjuan will sstart as the favorite to win at that category. The spanish champion David Valero, Víctor Fernández, Ismael Ventura, Carlos Martínez, Antonio Ortiz or triathletes as Iván Raña or Juan Bautista García are other important names on the startlist.

The race director Javier Macías has explained that: “we know what the cyclist wants at each time of the year and what he wants to find in an event of this level. We have looked for stages with not too great difference in altitude, increasing it progressively until the third stage to give away a final time trial to compete at full throttle and leave whatever strength you have left, or simply enjoy the hilarious trails between pine forests. The fast first stage will demonstrate the wealth of routes that we have in the province. A second stage will see the bodies evolving in a compensated technical and physical demand. The third will be the longest, pure for long-distance runners where whoever has trained well, recovered well and eaten well will be able to take advantage“.

Javier Macías
Javier Macías is the ideologist of this new exciting MTB stage race.

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