Dolores Rodríguez was the winner at the 5th Tour Femenino De Uruguay

Another argentinian, Rosina Bertolini and the local Federica Frontini accompanied her on the final podium

The 5th Tour Femenino De Uruguay was held during 4 days and five stages with the argentinian Dolores Rodríguez as the final overall winner, while Rosina Bertolini and Federica Frontini took the second and third positions repectively.

Dolores Rodríguez
Rosina Bertolini
Federica Frontini
Final podium of the 5th Tour Femenino De Uruguay with Rosina Bertolini (2nd) , Dolores Rodríguez (1st) and Federica Frontini (3rd)

The final teams classification replicated the individual podium with the respective teams of the three first in the same order: Ciudad Del Plata, Dámico and La Armonía de Fray Bentos:

Mercedes Fadiga
Macarena Cecco
Rosina Bertolini
Yazmín Gómez 
Fabiana Granizal
Dolores Rodríguez
Ciudad Del Plata
Federica Frontini
Paola Silva 
Florencia Giordano
Melissa Velásquez 
Katerine Batallas 
Armonía de Fray Bentos
Sofía Martelli 
Yamila Palacios 
Daya Peruchena 
Mariana García
Agustina Fernández
Carolina Zabala
María Pintos
3rd row from left Mercedes Fadiga, Yamila Palacios, Rosina Bertolini, Yazmín Gómez (Dámico), Fabiana Granizal, Dolores Rodríguez (Ciudad Del Plata), Federica Frontini, Paola Silva (best U23), Florencia Giordano, Melissa Velásquez and Katerine Batallas (Armonía de Fray Bentos). 2nd row from left: Sofía Martelli, Macarena Cecco (Dámico), Daya Peruchena and Mariana García (Ciudad Del Plata). 3rd row Agustina Fernández, Carolina Zabala and María Pintos (Ciudad Del Plata).

Photo storie of the race:

Mariana García
Mariana García, 1st stage winner.

Ciudad del Plata women won at the 5 stages with Mariana García (1st), Fabiana Granizal (2nd and 5th) the final winner Dolores Rodríguez (3rd) and the current Uruguayan road champion, Agustina Fernández (4th). They only left the rest of the classifications for their competitors: Sprints for Johanna Bracco (Peñarol De Durango), Mountains for Karla Vallejos (Ruteros) and Points for Ana Seijas (Federación De Montevideo).

Ana Seijas
Fabiana Granizal
Mariana García
Podium of the second stage with Ana Seijas (2nd), Fabiana Granizal (1st) and Mariana García (3rd).
Dolores Rodríguez
Lola Rodríguez
Dolores “Lola” Rodríguez got the leadership of the race after the third stage. Mauricio Alfonso Deportes
Agustina Fernández
Agustina Fernández.
Fabiana Granizal
Micaela Gutiérrez
Ana Seijas.
Fabiana Granizal beating Ana Seijas and Micaela Gutiérrez at the final sprint of the 5th and last Tour De Uruguay stage.
Tour Femenino Internacional De Uruguay
Miku Cecco
Macarena “Miku” Cecco leading the bunch at the Tour Femenino Internacional De Uruguay 2022.

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