Marianne Vos got her 8th Cyclo Cross World Championship

Lucinda Brand leave the witness of the title to her compatriot at the final sprint while Silvia Persico wins the bronze for Italy

Marianne Vos
Marianne Vos celebrating her victory. Jumbo Visma

8 years after her last world championship, the living legend Marianne Vos got last weekend her 8th title after beating her teammate in the Dutch team and current rainbow jersey till then, Lucinda Brand. Both dominated the race in wich the orange team showed it international weight by getting 5 of the top ten positions at the fast and dry circuit of Fayetteville in Arkansas (US). The Italian Silvia Persico avoided by her side the Netherlands triplet on the final podium

Marianne Vos 
Lucinda Brand
Silvia Persico
Women’s CX World Championship podium with Lucinda Brand, Marianne Vos and Silvia Persico (from left). Jumbo Visma
1.-Netherlands Marianne Vos 55:00″
2.-Netherlands Lucinda Brand +01″
3.-Italy Silvia Persico +51″
4.-Netherlands Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado+1:04″
5.-Netherlands Yara Kastelijn+1:05″
6.-Netherlands Manon Bakker
7.-Canada Maghalie Rochette+1:39″
8.-France Hélène Clauzel+1:59″
9.-Netherlands Inge Van Der Heijden
10.-Belgium Sanne Cant+2:12″
11.-United States of America Clara Honsinger +2:27″
12.-Germany Elisabeth Brandau +2:35″
13.-Czechia Katerina Nash+2:41″
14.-Italy Eva Lechner+2:48″
15.-United States of America Raylyn Nuss+2:51″
16.-France Perrine Clauzel+2:55″
17.-Hungary Kata Blanka Vas+3:07″
18.-Belgium Alicia Franck +3:17″
19.-France Anaïs Morichon+3:38″
20.-Spain Lucía González +4:01″
21.-United States of America Hannah Arensman+4:19″
22.-France Caroline Mani +5:08″
23.-Canada Ruby West +5:19″
24.-Canada Sidney McGill +5:26″
25.-United States of America Anna Megale+5:41″
CX World Championship Top 25
Vos about to overtake Lucinda Brand at the final sprint in the still.
Lucía González at the Fayetteville iconic stairs. RFEC

Puck Pieterse wins the U23 title and Zoe Bäckstedt brings to UK the junior one

The youngest daughter of Megan Hughes and Magnus Bäckstedt broke the Dutch CX empire giving to UK the junior title of the world, while Puck Pieterse defeated her compatriots Shirin Van Anrtooij and Fem Van Empel at the final meters to take the U23 one. It should be mentioned that Blanka Vas, the hungarian young road, CX and MTB star, decided to compete in elite obtaining the 17th position.

Puck Pieterse
Puck Pieterse celebrating the U23 CX World Cahmpionship. UCI
Zoe Bäckstedt
Zoe Bäckstedt crossing the finish line with time enough to smile. PhotoNews

Bad luck for the Spanish Lydia Pinto, who suffered a mechanical problem when she was at the 13th position. Yefri Fotos
1.-Netherlands Puck Pieterse46:27″
2.-Netherlands Shirin Van Anrooij +0″
3.-Netherlands Fem Van Empel +12″
4.-France Line Burquier +39″
5.-France Amandine Fouquenet+1:26″
6.-Luxembourg Marie Schreiber+1:49″
7.-Czechia Krystina Zemanová+2:15″
8.-United States of America Madigan Munro +2:16″
9.-United States of America Katie Clouse +3:03″
10.-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Harriet Harnden+3:34″
U23 Top ten
Full U23 race


1.-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Zoe Bäckstedt 41:16
2.-Netherlands Leonie Bentveldt +0:32
3.-Netherlands Lauren Molengraaf +0:57

Tom Pidcock gives a dry CX lesson

Tom Pidcock
Pidcock crossing the finish line in Superman style. UCI

In absence of the absolute favorites: Mathieu Van Der Poel still recovering from a back injury, and Wout Van Aert, who decided to focus on the road season training, Pidcock almost didn’t find opposition to his victory leaving behind his rivals, finally headed by Lars Van Der Haar, Eli Iserbyt and Michael Vanthourenhout. The belgian troop probably missed the Quinten Hermans absence due to COVID, but they got 6 riders in the top ten anyway.

1.-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Tom Pidcock 1:00:36″
2.-Netherlands Lars Van Der Haar +30″
3.-Belgium Eli Iserbyt +32″
4.-Belgium Michael Vanthourenhout +52″
5.-France Clement Venturini +57″
6.-Belgium Toon Aerts +1:02″
7.-Belgium Jens Adams +1:06″
8.-Belgium Laurens Sweeck +1:16″
9.-Switzerland Kevin Kuhn +1:26″
10.-Belgium Daan Soete +1:34″
11.-Belgium Toon Vandebosch +1:36″
12.-United States of America Curtis White +1:38″
13.-Spain Felipe Orts
14.-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Ben Turner
15.-France Joshua Dubau +1:39″
16.-Czechia Michael Boros +1:40″
17.-United States of America Eric Brunner +1:50″
18.-Germany Marcel Meisen +1:57″
19.-Spain Kevin Suárez +2:20″
20.-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Thomas Mein +3:02″
21.-United States of America Kerry Werner +3:10″
22.-United States of America Caleb Swartz
23.-Switzerland Gilles Mottiez +3:26″
24.-United States of America Scott McGill +3:32″
25.-Canada Michael Van Den Ham +3:33″
Men’s CX World Championship Top 25
Felipe Orts
Felipe Orts was one more time the best Spanish rider. Yefri Fotos
Kevin Suárez
Kevin Suárez got his best position in a World Championship. Yefri Fotos
Men’s CX World Championships full race

Belgians for future at U23

Three belgians occupied the men’s U23 podium, two of them, gold and silver from the same Tormans team: Joran Wyseure and Emiel Vestrynge as well as Zoe Bäckstedt, Thomas Mein, Kevin Kuhn or Marie Schreiber, so the squad had an excelent representation in Fayetteville.

Men U23:
1.-Belgium Joran Wyseure 49:21
2.-Belgium Emiel Verstrynge +0:13
3.-Belgium Thibau Nys +0:33

Joran Wyseure won the only rainbow jersey for Belgium. Photo News
Gonzalo Inguanzo was the best U23 Spanish rider reaching the 16th position.

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