Natalia Fischer dominates the first stages at La Leyenda de Tartessos

David Valero is still the leader of the male category after the second day

Natalia Fischer won again at the first 64km-long and 900 vetical meters stage of La Leyenda de Tartessos after her victory last weekend at the MTB Marathon race held in Valdemorillo. This time she arrived to the finish line in company of her teammate and current Spanish champion Rocío Del Alba García. As it happened at the Clásica de Valdemorillo, the next one ending the stage was María Díaz Pernía 2 minutes and 59 seconds after the winner. Today Fischer has repeated victory but leaving her teammate 12 minutes and a half behind and taking another 22 minutes over Díaz Pernía after the 68 km and 1.300 vertical meters stage.

Rocío Del Alba García
Natalia Fischer
María Díaz Pernía
From left Rocío Del Alba García, the European champion Natalia Fischer and María Díaz Pernía at the podium.

David Valero certifies the BH Templo Cafés control of the race

The winner at the male category was a little more explicit taking 1:12″ over his teammate Pablo Rodríguez and 1:39″ on the Portuguese champion, Tiago Ferreira. So the team managed by the ex biker Carlos Coloma got 4 of the 6 places in podium at the main classifications in the first day.

Men’s podium with Pablo Rodríguez, David Valero and Tiago Ferreira.

Today six riders arrived together at the finish line headed by Miguel Muñoz (DMT), followed by Víctor Fernández (Beehi Lee Coughan) and Pablo Rodríguez at the third position. David Valero keeps the leader’s jersey before the key stage to be held tomorrow, with 2.000 vertical meters in a 105 km-long stage. Living legends as Abraham Olano or Haimar Zubeldia are competing on the masters cartegories of the race.

Final sprint at La Leyenda de Tartesos with Miguel Muñoz, Víctor Fernández and Pablo Rodríguez on the three first positions. Eugenia Porcel.

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