Aranza Villalón wins the first Trofeo Costa Almería

The Chilean and Cypriot road champions fought for the victory at the finish line

Aranza Villalón crosses the finish line before Antri Christoforou and Claire Steel. Trofeo Costa De Almería

The Chilean sprinter and national champion Aranza Villalón, won last weekend at the I Trofeo Costa de Almería after beating the Cypriot champion, Antri Chirstoforou from Team Farto BTC, in the finish line. It was the first race for Villalón in Europe, what means a morale booster for the south american rider in her first year so far from home.

Both riders were the fasters of the group of 6 who broke off the bunch in the last climb of the race.

1.-Aranza Villalón (Eneicat RBH Global)4:15:05″
2.-Antri Christoforou (Farto BTC) +0″
3.-Nadine Gill (Sopela) +2″
4.-Claire Steel (Sopela)
5.-Ariadna Gutiérrez (Farto BTC) +5″
6.-Alice Coutinho (Sopela) +22″
7.-Eukene Larrarte (Bizkaia Durango) +2:02″
8.-Marta Romeu (Farto BTC)
9.-Aileen Schweikart (Bizkaia Durango) +2:04″
10.-Beatriz Rosox (Río Miera Cantabria Deporte)
1st stage top ten.

First race of the season for all the teams and debut of the new Soltec Costa Cálida team

This new race was the first one of the season for all the teams and the debut for the new women’s cycling team Soltec Costa Cálida. Most of the riders competed the day after at the Vuelta Comunitat Valenciana too.

From left Nekane Dolores Gómez, Carolina Gorospe, Beatriz Martínez, Claudia Sánchez, Teresa Mirabal and María Cinta Sancho: the first Soltec Costa Cálida competing squad ever.

Bizkaia Durango and its brand new colors

It was one of the controversial UCI preseason decisions, forcing to the basque team to change its outfit after 6 years due to the supposed coincidence with the Women World Tour’s leader design. So finally the team had to change the suites that were already prepared -helped by sponsors as the squad thanked- for its ‘new skin’ that was presented at it first competition in Almería:

From left Aileen Schweikart, Iris Gómez, Irene Méndez, Beatriz Pereira, Eukene Larrarte and Marina Garau training in their definitive work suit.

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