Natalia Fischer became the first “Tartessos legend”

David Valero won at the men’s category of La Leyenda de Tartessos MTB stages race 1st edition

Final podium with (from left) Rocío Del Alba García, Natalia Fischer and María Díaz Pernía.

Even her teammate and spanish XC champion Rocío Del Alba lost almost 30 minutes from Natalia Fischer, the european MTB Marathon champion who didn’t find rivals during the 4 days of competition at La Leyenda de Tartessos 1st edition, held last weekend in the Andalusian province of Huelva with more than 400 riders from 15 nations.

The 3rd stage was 105 kilometers long and confirmed the superiority of the rider from Málaga. That day Rocío del Alba was second and Laura Gómez third.

Podium of the third stage with (from left) Rocío Del Alba García, Natalia Fischer and Laura Gómez.
Cristina Molina during the third stage.
Leva Venckute

The last stage was a time trial and Rocío Del Alba was second again, while Laura Gómez repeated at the third position, but not with enough time to get on the final podium, as María Díaz Pernía took five minutes over her during the second stage.

María Díaz Pernía and Marta Ballesteros during the final time trial.

David Valero and Pablo Rodríguez proped the BH Templo Cafés domination up

Final podium with (from left) Pablo Rodríguez, David Valero and Tiago Ferreira.

With not so much differences as their teammate at women’s category, but David Valero and Pablo Roríguez secured the two first positions at the final podium before the portuguese Tiago Ferreira.

This three riders were part of the group of six who headed the race all along the third stage with Miguel Muñoz, Filipe Francisco and Andreas Miltiadis, and was this last one who finally won at the Valverde del Camino finish line, where the Cypriot beated Valero in the final sprint.

The revenge for him was the following and last day at the final time trial, therefore winning 2/4 of the stages of this new race.

Andreas Miltiadis followed by David Valero at the finish line in Valverde Del Camino. Eugenia Porcel

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