Georgie Howe wins at the Mitchelton Tour of Gippsland

Her 42″ advantage at the second stage was wide enough to get the final victory at the australian race

Summer and women’s cycling calendar went on in Australia where another edition of the Mitchelton Tour of Gippsland was held: 3 days of racing and thrills on the aussie Bass Coat sunny roads, near Melbourne, in wich Georgie Howe took the final victory for Knights of Suburbia.

Maeve Plouffe
Georgie Howe
Amber Pate
From left: Maeve Plouffe, Georgie Howe and Amber Pate on the final Mitchelton Tour of Gippsland podium. Con Chronis
1.-Georgie Howe (Knights of Suburbia)5:33:27″
2.-Maeve Plouffe (ARA Sunshine Coast) +24″
3.-Amber Pate (Inform TMX Make) +33″
4.-Josie Talbot (Sidney Uni Staminade) +41″
5.-Courtney Sherwell (Roxsolt Liv SRAM) +54″
6.-Sophie Edwards (ARA Sunshine Coast) +59″
7.-Justine Barrow (Roxsolt Liv SRAM) +1:04″
8.-Matilda Raynolds (Inform TMX Make) +1:05″
9.-Carlee Taylor (Inform TMX Make) +1:09″
10.-Danielle De Francesco (ARA Sunshine Coast) +1:11″
11.-Alyssa Polites (Sidney Uni Staminade) +1:15″
12.-Georgia Whitehouse (Sidney Uni Staminade) +2:20″
13.-Emily Watts (Knights of Suburbia) +2:41″
14.-Peta Mullens (Roxsolt Liv SRAM) +5:27″
15.-Sophie Malowiecki (Giant) +5:39″
16.-Gina Ricardo (Sidney Uni Staminade) +5:49″
17.-Hannah Seeliger (Cycling Development Foundation) +6:23″
18.-Nicole Wilson +9:51″
19.-Chelsea Holmes (Inform TMX Make)+10:01″
20.-Emma Pratt (Cycling Development Foundation)+10:06″
21.-Rachael Wales (ARA Sunshine Coast) +10:10″
22.-Samantha De Riter (Knights of Suburbia)+10:37″
23.-Lucie Fytus (Cycling Development Foundation)+14:08″
24.-Stephanie Hibburt +14:08″
25.-Alisha Wells (ARA Sunshine Coast)+14:08″
Mitchelton Tour of Gippsland Top 25

Maeve Plouffe was the fastest at the Woolamai Circuit

The track master Maeve Plouffe imposed her speed at the final sprint in the group of leaders of the race, after three laps to the ondulating Woolamai Circuit.

Amber Pate,
Josie Talbot
Maeve Plouffe 
Courtney Sherwell
From left Amber Pate, Josie Talbot, Maeve Plouffe and Courtney Sherwell: the first four at the finish line. Con Chronis
1.-Maeve Plouffe (ARA Sunshine Coast)2:32:46″
2.-Amber Pate (Inform TMX Make) +0″
3.-Josie Talbot (Sidney Uni Staminade)
4.-Courtney Sherwell (Roxsolt Liv SRAM)
5.-Georgie Howe (Knights of Suburbia) +3″
6.-Justine Barrow (Roxsolt Liv SRAM) +6″
7.-Alyssa Polites (Sidney Uni Staminade) +7″
8.-Peta Mullens (Roxsolt Liv SRAM)
9.-Matilda Raynolds (Inform TMX Make)
10.-Sophie Edwards (ARA Sunshine Coast)
1st stage top ten.

The decisive Georgie Howe solo victory

Georgie Howe celebrating her victory. Con Chronis

Georgie Howe got 42″ precious seconds over her persecutors at the end of the second stage wich started and finished in Inverloch after climbing Mount Misery.

1.-Georgie Howe (Knights of Suburbia)2:11:54″
2.-Amber Pate (Inform TMX Make) +42″
3.-Maeve Plouffe (ARA Sunshine Coast)
4.-Josie Talbot (Sidney Uni Staminade)
5.-Sophie Malowiecki (Giant)
6.-Danielle De Francesco (ARA Sunshine Coast)
7.-Emily Watts (Knights of Suburbia)
8.-Justine Barrow (Roxsolt Liv SRAM)
9.-Matilda Raynolds (Inform TMX Make)
10.-Courtney Sherwell (Roxsolt Liv SRAM)
2nd stage top ten.

Josie Talbot gets the triumph of the insistence

After two days arriving with the best riders of the bunch, the rider from Sidney Uni Staminade could finally raise her arms at the finish line of the fast Rhyll circuit in Philip Island. It a was a criterium format race with 1’4Km long laps. Howe assured her presence in the leading group to avoid surprises and claim the final general classification.

From left Maeve Plouffe, Amber Pate and Josie Talbot crossing the 3rd stage finish line. Con Chronis

1.-Josie Talbot (Sidney Uni Staminade)49:00″
2.-Maeve Plouffe (ARA Sunshine Coast) +0″
3.-Amber Pate (Inform TMX Make)
4.-Georgie Howe (Knights of Suburbia)
5.-Courtney Sherwell (Roxsolt Liv SRAM)
6.-Matilda Raynolds (Inform TMX Make) +3″
7.-Emily Watts (Knights of Suburbia)
8.-Saffron Button (Roxsolt Liv SRAM)
9.-Sophie Malowiecki (Giant)
10.-Georgia Whitehouse (Sidney Uni Staminade)
3rd stage top ten.

The men’s race was won by the leader from the first stage, Kane Richards, from ARA Sunshine Coast, with two more victories for his teammate Cameron Scott.

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