The ukrainian Olga Shekel got the victory at the GP Gazipasa

Her two breakaway mates, Julia Biryukova and Yanina Kuskova completed the podium of the turkish race

The ukrainian road champion Olga Shekel was the stronger of the three riders of the breakway at the GP Gazipasa held last saturday in this south turkey city beside the Mediterranean sea, with a 97,5 kilometers long parcour and 1741 vertical meters in the way.

Shekel beat her compatriot Julia Biryukova and the uzbek Yanina Kuskova in the finish line, as it can be appreciated in the image below. The 3 first cyclists obtained an advantage of almost 2 minutes over the fourth finishing, Viktoriia Yaroshenko, more than five over Marina Uvarova and more than six over the bunch.

It was the first race in the asian calendar without any russian team, banned by the UCI as a consequence of the Ukraine invasion. 3 ukrainian riders were among the top 5 of the race.

Olga Shekel beating Biryukova and Kuskova in the GP Gazipasa 2022 finish line. Velo Alanya / Y. Cakiroglu

GP Gazipasa 2022 Top 25

1.-Olga ShekelUkraine2:20:11"
2.-Julia BiryokovaArkéa +0"
3.-Yanina KuskovaTashkent City "
4.-Viktoriia YaroshenkoUkraine +1:51"
5.-Marina UvarovaPanorama Hungary +5:06"
6.-Anzhela SolovyevaKazakhstan +6:29"
7.-Lyubov ReppKazakhstan Olympic Training Center "
8.-Hanna SoloveiLviv "
9.-Makhabbat UmutzhanovaKazakhstan "
10.-Rinata SultanovaKazakhstan "
11.-Azize BekarTurkey "
12.-Sofiya Karimova "
13.-Solomiaa LukachukLviv "
14.-Erika BoteroZaaf "
15.-Tereza MedvedováSlovakia "
16.-Shakhnoza AbdullaevaTashkent City "
17.-Anna KulikovaTashkent City "
18.-Olena ShargaLviv "
19.-Somayeh YazdaniSuunto Daryakav Vib Bike "
20.-Violetta KazakovaKazakhstan "
21.-Polly MasonZaaf "
22.-Dorka JordanPanorama Hungary "
23.-Sajedeh SiyahianSuunto Daryakav Vib Bike "
24.-Bota BatyrbekovaKazakhstan Olympic Training Center "
25.-Yelyzaveta Holod "
From left Julia Biryukova, Olga Shekel and Yanina Kuskova on the podium.

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