Tiffany Cromwell finishes the season with a victory at the Belgian Waffle Ride in Kansas

The australian will combine the road and gravel calendars next year in Canyon SRAM again.

Tiffany Cromwell
Tiffany Cromwell crosses the finish line celebrating her victory.

Tiffany Crowell won last weekend at the Belgian Waffle Ride gravel race held in Kansas after almost seven hours pedaling. The aussi made a gap of ten minutes over the second in arriving, the brazilian Flavia Oliveira, while the local Danielle Larson go the third position 19 minutes later than Cromwell, wich gives an idea of the hard route of the race.

As Cromwell tells, it was not an easy ride at all: “I knew I had to keep the power on the pedals, but with a mix of wind and the relentless undulating hills, I was fatiguing. With 40km to go, I really hit the wall. I had tried to focus on my fuelling but the lack of it caught up with me. I went into rescue mode and ate and drank every gel and carbo drink I could get my hands on. My energy came back and I got my second life for the last 20km and was able to power my way to the finish line.”

Tiffany Cromwell
Tiffany Cromwell attending the local press after her victory.

“Despite the race being far longer than I like, it was a fun course. A lot of gravel, all in good condition, mixed with some fun singletrack. They put in a cyclo-cross sector for something different and if you get to see a video of me doing it you’ll see how tired I really was,” laughed Cromwell.

“The last 6km were a fast and flowing single track and a lot of fun! When I came out of that and saw 1km to go I was happy. I finished the race empty and tired but also satisfied and ready for the off season.” 

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