Olivia Ray got the victory last weekend at the Lion’s Den Criterium

The Rally Cyling new zealander rider was the fastest in the Sacramento finish line.

Olivia Ray imposed her speed in the last sprint of the Into The Lion’s Den Criterium , held last weekend in a 1km. circuit located in downtown Sacramento streets.

Olivia Ray
Olivia Ray raising arms at the finish line

The new zealander route champion shared the podium with the US champion Kendall Ryan (L39gion Of Los Angeles) and the ducth champion Amy Pieters (SD Worx). Ray described her win as “the team’s final ‘hurrah’ for 2021. It showed teamwork, determination, and race smarts. Something that takes time, and practice. It means so much.”

Ray was not alone in this mission, in fact her team mates Lilly Williams, Holly Breck, Krista Doebel Hickok and specially Heidi Franz, worked up hard neutraliazing the breakway attemps and controling the bunch under the Joanne Kiesanowski and Andrew Bajadali instructions.

Olivia Ray
Kendall Ryan
Amy Pieters
Olivia Ray, Kendall Ryan and Amy Pieters: 3 national champions at the final podium.

“The race was attended by WorldTour riders and American crit experts alike and the victory represents a warm up for things to come in 2022 for the New Zealand criterium champ”, explains the Rally Cycling site.

Marit Raaijmakers, the recent new signing of the team, asked Olivia Ray on social media for bringing “those sprint watts to Europe”, next season.

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