Valentina Scandolora won at the TLV scratch in her premiere with General Store Essegibi F-lli Curia

The italian rider will be sponsored by the men’s team this season at her track competitions

The Aromitalia Basso Vaiano and Centro Sportivo Esercito cyclist , Valentina Scandolara, won her first competition dressed in the General Store Essegibi F-lli Curia outfit at the also new Tel Aviv trackcycling meeting, imposing her ability and speed in the scratch discipline.

Valentina Scandolara
Valentina Scandolara pictured in the Profronde van Tiel 2016

So there were no better way for Scandolara and her new sponsors to begin their relationship that will let her combine the road and track calendars next year.

Four remaining signings announced by the team

In another vein, the General Store Essegibi F-lli Curia team has confirmed the remaining of four of its rider for next year: Davide Vignato, Marco Palomba, Samuele Carpene and Ettore Pozza.

That’s what their director Giorgio Furlan declare about them that “after these months spent together, we have many additional elements to be able to work better with them, and we are sure that we will achieve good goals. Vignato and Carpene are high-quality riders who may be ready to discover all their cards in their performances and results. Palomba was a first year: we expect him to gain experience and Pozza had a good start of season; in the second part he accumulated fatigue but he showed quality too”.

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