Beat CC rider Laurine Van Riessen selected to compete at the UCI Track Champions League

She took part of the Round 1 keirin and sprint competitions held last weekend in Mallorca

The dutch rider and ex speed skater Laurine Van Riessen is one of the selected cyclists to compete at the UCI Track Champions League that held its first round last weekend in Mallorca. Van Riessen, 38 right now in the keirin UCI ranking, was 13th and 14th at the sprint and keirin races respectively won by the german Emma Hinze and the canadian Kelsey Mitchell.

Katie Archibald and Maggie Coles Lyster won at elimination sctratch and elimination while in the men’s disputes the winners were Corbin Strong (2), Harrie Lavreysen and Stefan Bötticher.

This new competition will take place till next month with other 4 rounds in different cities, where the Beat CC member Jules Hesters has been summoned too.

Laurine Van Riessen
Laurine Van Riessen was the keirin champion of the world in 2018.

Luuc Bugter will remain at Beat CC but now as sports manager

The dutch squad has announced that Luuc Bugter (28) will leave the bike to face a new challenge in the team as sports manager, after ten years road racing. He will work now toward Jacob Wijnstra and Jeroen Van Langevelde. The ex speed skater and now ex rider has declared that “I have had several conversations with the team about my future. This season we discussed in the team how I could take this step. I have also worked behind the scenes at BEAT in recent years and with the Sports, Health and Management study that I completed, I was looking for what would fit the best. So it certainly didn’t happen all at once, but it was a well thought out process. I am happy that after three years I can take a step on this path and stay with the team! “

Luuc Bugter
Luuc Bugter says good bye to racing

Sven Burger, 28th at the Hoek Van Holland Den Helder

To end the latest news in Beat CC, Sven Burger competed last weekend at the massive Hoek Van Holland Den Helder, getting the 28th position among hundreds of riders. The specialist Ivar Slik was the winner at the world longest MTB Beach race after more than 4 hours pedaling in the sand.

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